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Pest party of 0! When food is involved the last thing you need are pest ruining your reputation!  Pest are a huge liability to your business and compromise sanitation and profit.  The LadyBug will provide a customized food service plan that is unique to your building and needs, insuring you meet health codes and are pest free.  We understand how critical pest control in the food industry can be, so we offer emergency visits and flexible scheduling. 



In government facilities we understand productivity is essential,  you and your employees don't have time to be thinking of pest.  We service a vast variety of government organizations, creating a specialized plan that ensures compliance with federal agencies and keeps your employees and clients at ease.   



A pest in a healthcare facility can compromise the health of your patients.  The LadyBug will help protect your sensitive business against cockroaches, bedbugs, and any other invading pest, ensuring you are always up to health code.  Taking a holistic approach, we perform detailed inspections, monitoring, record-keeping, and other non-chemical pest control measures, using pesticides only when needed to protect your patients, their families, and your employees.



Your guest expect safe and comfortable accommodations.  Nothing upsets your guest more than an encounter with a pest at your lodging facility.  An infestation can tarnish your reputation and your property, but more importantly can threaten the health of your guests.  The LadyBug will consistently monitor, maintain, and quickly and discreetly handle potential infestations, leaving pests with no where to stay!  



It's time to evict your pests!  Managed properties are often subject to cockroaches, rodents, and bedbugs.  Keeping your tenants and investment safe is key to successful renting.  The LadyBug will work with property managers and your maintenance department to prevent outbreaks and make sure you are always up to code and you're not over capacity. 



Pest can affect your customers shopping experience and your reputation.  Retail locations are subjected to frequently opened doors, deliveries, and inventory areas perfect for pest.  Heavy traffic in a single retail establishment can make it difficult to control unwanted pests.  The LadyBug will help you focus on prevention and discreetly target any pest so that your customers keep coming back.



Pest LOVE warehouses where they have plenty of room to live and breed.  It is practically impossible to manage and monitor without the help of a professional. The LadyBug understands the importance of quality assurance, inventory control, and cleanliness.  We help warehouse managers with quality, compromised packaging, sanitation, and prevention.  Let the LadyBug make sure you meet your requirements and all unwanted pests are shipped out the door.



Sharing a class or lunchroom with bugs and mice is not a lesson children need to learn at school.   Having pest can be a serious health risk to students and teachers. The LadyBug provides a plan that is unique to the school, focusing on alternative control measures and eliminating the need for unnecessary pesticide.  Students need to have a safe environment, The LadyBug uses products and materials that exceed state regulations and keep everyone focused on learning.

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