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Spring has Sprung & the Bugs have Begun!

In spring pest start to wake up and begin to search for food and water to bring renewed life to their colonies. Targeting these pests early in the year disrupts their reproductive life cycle before they create high populations. The best way to maintain a pest-free environment for your home or business is by partnering with a certified pest management professional. The LadyBug can prevent infestations before they start, first with an annual inspection in spring, checking over your entire exterior and interior including attic and crawlspace, insuring your property is buttoned up tight for the year. With spring right around the corner, we want to share some helpful tips to get you started on the right track.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Envision you are at a Chinese buffet, you walk in and you see General Tso chicken, Lo-Mein noodles, chicken on stick, beef and broccoli, tuna eyeballs, white ant egg soup, and locusts. Now, unless you are straight out of an episode of Naked and Afraid, starving for food you are going to pick the good stuff. Pest are no different, they want the nutrients that taste delicious. The LadyBug can come in and spray residual treatments and place gel baits to rid your home or business of pest, but if you have a pizza on the counter or crumbs under the fridge, they are not going to take our bait, they are going to take your bait, which will only strengthen their numbers. Here are some of the LadyBug’s spring-cleaning tips to insure you aren’t catering to an infestation.

- Pull out your stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher, sweep and mop where the appliances stand.

- Take everything out of your cabinets and vacuum the inside.

- Wipe down the outside of your cabinets (ants can find a grain of sugar in minutes.)

- Wipe down counters and floors

- Do not leave dishes in the sink

- Store foods inside product concealed containers

- Create a routine cleaning policy in your family

- Declutter (if don’t use it donate it to Goodwill)

Exterior Maintenance

Keeping your exterior maintained is so important when it comes to pest prevention. Pest thrive in environments where they can hide and call home safely. Most pest live outside during the spring and summer, coming inside to forage for food or protection from harsh weather environments. It is just like the food buffet, if you have free rooms available in your yard and complimentary breakfast included, they are going to check in to your Hilton Hotel. Follow these rules to ensure that you dramatically cut down pests on your property. If you do not have the resources for exterior prevention the LadyBug can help with that too!

- Trim tall grass

- Clean out gutters and downspouts

- Remove any wet or decaying wood

- Remove firewood away from home

- Get rid of standing water

- Insure trash is secure with a tight lid

- Repair broken screens and weather stripping

- Cut back tree limbs and shrubbery

Our spring service is one of the most important amenities for preventing pest from invading your property. Call the LadyBug to schedule your spring inspection and prevention treatment before the beautiful weather and unwanted guest arrive.

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